January 23, 2018

Coastal Planning and Adaptation Actions

Coastal Planning and Adaptation Actions are Complex Processes


The purpose of this page is simply to raise community awareness about options for adapting to sea level rise and storm surges. Each of the following options has pros and cons, tradeoffs and economic costs:

  • Doing Nothing – Doing nothing has an economic cost. 
  • Fortify – Revetments, Seawalls, Jetties, Geotextile Tubes, Automatic Floodgates  (January 14, 2014) Marshfield receives $1.25 million for seawall repairs at Hewitt’s Point. Click here for full story
  • Accommodate – Dry or Wet Flood-proofing, Structure Elevation, Dredging, Dune Restoration, Marsh Restoration
  • Retreat – Property Buyouts, Relocation of Buildings/Infrastructure, Zoning Regulations to Prevent Fortification and/or Limit New Construction – Adapated from Klinefelder, Sea Level Rise, Flooding Vulnerability Assessment Using the COAST Tool for the Towns of Scituate, Marshfield and Duxbury, MA, 2013