Marshfield Energy Challenge

Marshfield Energy Challenge logo. Marshfield Energy Challenge is written in brown text and there is a graphic of green marshgrass.

The Marshfield Energy Challenge was a pilot program cosponsored by NSTAR and the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (now the Mass Clean Energy Center). The goal was to create community awareness and local commitment to making Marshfield a greener, more energy efficient town. “This is the first pilot program in the country to address energy efficiency, load response and renewable energy options simultaneously to cut power costs”, according to NStar. Our thanks to NSTAR and the Marshfield Energy Challenge for their support of our goals and community. Special acknowledgements to Sue Haselhorst, NSTAR Senior Engineer, Dennis Galvam, Community Relations and Bonnie Domigan, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, engineering intern. The pilot program began in March 2008 and ended in the fall of 2009.

PV Rec Center1As part of NSTAR’s Marshfield Energy Challenge, Solar Panels were installed on the Recreation Department Building at Coast Guard Hill on 6/10/09. Click to go to the Marshfield Mariner for the news story.

(6/24/09) NSTAR provided a preliminary Marshfield Energy Challenge report. As a result of the Marshfield Energy Challenge, a 3% savings in energy consumption and accompanying emissions was projected. These are the accomplishments:

  • Over 1200 homes (of about 9000 homes) and 100 businesses of about (800 businesses) have had energy audits and implemented energy efficiency measures.
  • Over 30 Marshfield residences have had photo-voltaic solar panels (PV) installed – a record in Massachusetts,
  • Significant PV systems will be installed at two Marshfield commercial facilities,
  • High efficiency lighting has been installed in seven schools and town buildings
  • Three PV systems have been installed or will be installed on town facilities
  • Over 500 students have participated in NSTAR’s ‘Energy Pursuit’ or ‘Energy Wizard’ school programs.

(August 30, 2009) An Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Inventory for Marshfield was completed by Bonnie Domigan, a NSTAR Intern with the support of Sue Haselhorst, Senior Engineer at NSTAR. The Inventory will aid meeting a Green Community Criterion 3. The report was reviewed by the Energy Committee and accepted by the Board of Selectmen. The data was included in our original ESCO Request for Qualifications (RFQ) which was awarded to TRANE. Click to open the Energy Consumption – Green House Gas Inventory