Solar – 2014 PPA – Sylvester Ray Site

2014 – Town of Marshfield Solar Power Purchase Agreement -4 MW Solar Array Operational – Sylvester Ray site, Clay Pit Road

Picture of solar arrays on the Clay Pit Road site. The foreground is grass and the background is blue sky and clouds.
Picture of solar arrays on the Clay Pit Road site.

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Washington Gas Power Purchase Agreement for privately owned solar array on Sylvester Ray site on Clay Pit Road

(Spring 2013 Town Meeting) After evaluating the Real Goods Solar Power Purchase Agreement Proposal and the  Washington Gas (originally the No Fossil Fuel) Power Purchase Agreement Proposal, the BOS has decided to move forward with the Washington Gas Agreement. The BOS presented this as an article at Town Meeting in April and the article passed. This agreement will save the Town money on energy. Given the limits of Net Metering, a municipal solar project at Wheeler Pit with a corresponding power purchase agreement with the Town will not be moving forward.

Municipal Solar Project – Wheeler Pit and Municipal Capped Landfill

(March 2013) Real Goods Solar submits a Power Purchase Agreement to the Town for the Wheeler Pit only due to restrictions on the size of an agreement that could be executed due to Net Metering and the Town’s energy consumption.

(August 1, 2012) Town issues Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Solar Arrays – The Town of Marshfield, MA issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to solicit statements of qualifications under M.G.L. c. 25A, § 11I, from solar energy developers. The Energy Committee, Department of Public Works and the Board of Selectmen unanimously support the RFQ

The Town seeks qualifications from entities in the business of planning, designing, financing, installing, owning, operating and maintaining solar power electric generation facilities to finance, install, own, operate and maintain solar power electric generation facilities at; (A) The 27 acre capped municipal landfill site off Clay Pit Road and (B) The 65 acre Wheeler Sand Pit located off Forest St. The developer will allow the Town to evaluate multiple options, ownership structures and determine the project and financial arrangement that best meets the Town’s interest. Solar RFQ Presentation to BOS

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