Municipal Wind Turbine Project

  • (October 24, 2011 – Special Town Meeting) Voters approved Articles 18, 19 and 22. The voters approved a land exchange between DPW and the Conservation Committee for purposes of better siting of a proposed wind turbine. Also the voters approved seeking an eminent domain authority from the legislature for a parcel of land at Carolina Hill as a potential wind turbine site. Finally the voters authorized a match for a grant of up to $85,000 from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center for a Feasibility study. The match is contingent on receiving an award from MCEC for our Feasibility application. Town Meeting Wind Article Presentation
  • (June 2011) The Energy Committee submitted a Feasibility application to the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MCEC). If approved, the town may receive up to $85,000 for the feasibility study with a small match to be assumed by the town. A Feasibility study includes environmental impact and financial options. The Feasibility application was subsequently denied.
  • (February 28, 2011) Applied Science Associates (ASA) recommended as Wind Turbine Feasibility Consultant.
  • (December 1, 2010) Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Wind Turbine Feasibility Study submitted with the approval of the Board of Selectmen.
  • (11/30/09) Carolina Hill Site Recommended – The Marshfield Energy Committee recommended Carolina Hill as the first choice for siting a municipal wind turbine to the Board of Selectmen. The town attorney did a title search and examination of Carolina Hill, Marshfield HS and Rexhame Beach as potential sites for a wind turbine and concluded that only a cluster of town-owned parcels on Carolina Hill was suitable for siting a wind turbine. Click to open the UMassWindEnergyCenterReport.
  •  (3/23/09) Marshfield Board of Selectmen approve the Wind Turbine Site Survey application – The Marshfield Energy Committee is following the process of the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust’s Commonwealth Wind Collaborative (now the Mass Clean Energy Center – MCEC). Members of the Marshfield Energy Committee researched and collected information for a wind turbine site survey application which was approved by the Board of Selectmen and forwarded to the MCEC’s Wind Collaborative. Click to open the MTC Site Survey Application. Click to open a Site Map for MTC Application

Wind By-Law

  • (April 26, 2010) – Town Meeting – Wind Bylaw approved. Also a Marshfield Energy Committee Municipal Wind Update was presented.
  • (1/25/10) Public Hearing for Wind Energy Facility By-law – After a public hearing for Monday, January 25th at the Town Hall, the Planning Board approved a draft and will post a warrant for approval at the April 26th Town Meeting. The draft was developed in collaboration with the Energy Committee. Click to open the Wind_BylawDraft1-22-2010.